About me

Enjoying the vue

I am a passionate web focussed front-end developer with a background in graphic design. With over 10 years of experience i love to create anything from a small custom website to high-performance scalable web applications.

I'm a big fan of the Vue js framework that i use in most of my projects. For scalability and/or SEO purposes i like to work with Nuxt js which enables me to provide fancy stuff like Server Side Rendering (SSR). Every year i attend to the Front-end Love conference and the Vue js Amsterdam conference to stay up to date with the latest techniques in the fast moving front-end landscape.

Besides Vue js i have experience working with similar frameworks like Angular and React js. I can handle them just fine, but when it's up to me, i'll bring Vue to the party.

Your application is only as good as it is useful

~ Evan You

What I do


Desgining full responsive high-end websites


Being a developer i'm pretty good at this one


Creating highly custom web applications


Bulletproof UI and excellent UX

What separates web design from art is that web design is meant to be functional

~ Sébastien Chopin

Some projects


Contact me

  • Breda, Noord Brabant, NL

  • +31(0)6 24 669 355

  • info@markvanlit.nl